Day 7 (Where Does the Time Go?)

Sunday already?  Sheesh.

Well, diet wise, just trust me:  I’m on-track.  In fact, at this very moment I am cooking a T Bone steak (and praying it turns out well: first time NOT on the grill).  I’ve had moments of weakness, but I am going to Los Angeles in 6 short months and MUST be fit, so I’m not giving in to temptation.  This, sadly, is the time when I feel the most tugging.  Hoping to get through week two.  Once that’s done, it will be smooth sailing.

Friday at crossfit I hit a 10# PR on my deadlift:  235lbs.  I right now weigh in around 150,, for perspective. Oh, I’m also 47years old/5’7″.  Anyway, quite proud of that.  The female top weight in my gym (I refuse to call it a box) is 260…If lucky, I suppose I could hit that by March/April.  Perhaps for my birthday (Mar28).



150 double unders, then 135lb Deadlifts/Toes to Bar (scaled to box due to shoulder surgery).   Completed in 10:11

Did the PR Deadlift later…

Well, steak is done…gotta go!


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Days 3 and 4

Just because I did not post does not mean I did not succeed.  Fact.

So, yesterday was a bit of a mess…too much work, too many activities after work, absolutely nuts.  However, the food plan stayed intact:  breakfast: sausage & eggs, snack: fruit & homemade beef jerky, lunch:  salad with leftover burger, of all things.  very large salad and quite late, which was lucky, as I ended up only  having fruit and more jerky for dinner.  So, maybe not intact, but at least rule-following.

Today…um… food:  breakfast was bacon and eggs, snack: fruit n nuts n jerky, lunch: salad, snack more fruit, dinner: burger & egg.  I need more veggies in my plan.


for time:  150 air squats, 150 sit ups, 5 shuttle runs at the top of every minute.

My time: 13:46

Followed by a ‘mandatory auxiliary’ of 3 minute amrap box jumps (Rx was 24 inches, I did 20 inches).  Got 45, but was admittedly not thrilled with it.  The auxiliary should, in my opinion, by optional.  Uh, auxiliary to the actual work out.  Just me. Bad mood, I guess.  But I did it and next time will check the attitude.  (Attitude was FINE during the actual work out, btw).

So.  Nothing exciting.  No pictures. Nothing.  Oh, but I DID receive my copy of the new cookbook “Well Fed”, which is a good read along w/being a good cookbook.  Who would’a thought?  I’ve already read a bunch of it!


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Day 2

Survived day two.  It really wasn’t all that hard.  As long as I have a plan, it’s all good, you know?

So this morning I had eggs n sausage with a side of fruit.  Snack was a banana.  Lunch was big salad with left over chicken from last night… then I went to Crossfit for the first time in 3 weeks.


9 squat cleans / 20 pull ups / 6 squat cleans / 15 pull ups / 3 squat cleans / 10 pull ups.

7minutes, 33 seconds.

I had to do it scaled, as I am coming off of extensive shoulder surgery… cleans were a whopping 45lbs and the pull ups were jumping, but I was moving.  The surgery was back in June…recovery for what I had done (removal of bursa, shaving of clavicle, repair of torn rotator cuff) is going very very well – doctor said I should be at the end of recovery in about 2 months.  I believe he’s correct.

Then did a baseline work out to see the effects of paleo on my performance.

Baseline is typical:

250 m row / 40 air squats / 30 sit ups / 20 hand-release push ups / 10 pull ups.

I completed in 5:33.  I’m positive that my next one will be an improvement, since not only have I been eating like crap for a month, I’ve also been pretty  much sitting on m’butt 🙂

Dinner was a recipe I found in everyday paleo … it’s for red curry beef stew.  I was very excited b/c I expected it to be quite flavorful.  Not so much.  However it was edible.  The yams that are cooked with the stew were fabulous.  I’ll figure something to do with the left over beef tomorrow.

I’ll be back to post the obligatory food pic later (system is acting up), but it definitely isn’t ‘food porn’.

On that note, though, I have 3 lbs of beef jerky currently dehydrating and It Smells Awesome.

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Day 1

Day one is always so easy with any ‘big change’.  This day one was no different.  Though my daughter and I are both just getting over a cold, we did not use that as an excuse to put things off.  Admittedly, exercise did not happen, but the food stuff did.  Tomorrow I’m returning to the Riverfront (presuming work/life cooperates).  I’m sure it will be less than stellar, but give it a week and I’ll be back in the saddle.  It will be good, as I have a lot on my mind of late and throwing barbells around is very useful for releasing stress.

Breakfast:  left over ‘glop’ – a concoction of ground beef, seasonings, onion, garlic, eggs.  Yum.  And fruit salad.  Because fruit salad rules.

Lunch:  salad salad salad due to laziness

Dinner:  Amazing lemon-basil chicken prepped by my daughter, with salad greens, walnuts, dried cranberries & tomato.  Fabulous.

Planned on having some pineapple for dessert, but forgot/was too full!

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After a year of injury, surgery, illness, and the beginning of recovery, I am finally  (I believe) ready to launch.

08January2012 is the beginning of my successful fitness journey of 2012.   This is the day that things get back on track.  Going to be visiting my local Crossfit affiliate (Crossfit Riverfront) 3 – 4 times per week again & have joined up on their 30 day Paleo challenge.

I have slacked most mightily over the past month, with little to no exercise and more than enough junk foods making their way across my table.  It will just make the positive changes that much more obvious.

The kitchen is purged of crap food.  The fridge is stocked with good food.  The mind is full of good intentions and determination.

Bring it.

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